Lay Down the Framework for Modern Plumbing

Lay Down the Framework for Modern Plumbing

Contact us for sewer and water line installation in Little Elm, TX

Most residential and commercial properties need a water and sewer line installation before plumbing can be added. These lines are tremendously important for long-term plumbing performance. Trust DG Excavation for water line installation services in Little Elm, TX.

Connect your property to public water and waste. Call 469-400-4838 today to receive a free quote on water and sewer line installation.

What are the major benefits of a modern water line installation?

Old water lines are fraught with issues that many homeowners are just now having to deal with. During construction, a brand-new water line installation will offer tremendous benefits like:

  • Resistances to rust and rot
  • Anti-bacterial properties to clean your water supply
  • Precise locations to avoid accidents during future construction

PVC and copper piping eliminate the dangers of old lead-based pipes that were common in older homes. Reduce your chances of contamination with a water line installation from DG Excavation.